To the Editors:

I have noticed over the course of the past three weeks, that some people are using our clearly marked American flag collection box in front of our Post, as a garbage bin. Today I found two Starbucks cups with the name “Jessica” printed on them.

Besides being very rude, this is disrespectful to both the flag itself, and the people who placed them there. Some of these flags have been placed at the graves of veterans, some flown in honor of veterans and some simply as a show of patriotism.

All these flags will be respectfully and ceremoniously retired in September. I invite everyone, but especially those of you who dump garbage in this bin, to see for yourself just what the American flag means to us veterans. You may also come into the Post, if we are open, to see the various ways we display and the esteem we have for the flag.

Please use garbage cans for garbage, and our American flag bin for flags that should be taken out of service. Thank you for your cooperation.

Thomas K. Moore, Adjutant

American Legion Post 86