To the Editors:

We are residents of the Sharp Hill Road neighborhood abutting the site of the proposed Sharp Hill Square development to be located at 198-200 Danbury Road. While we have always understood the implications of living in a neighborhood adjacent to one of Wilton’s main commercial corridors, and while we clearly support appropriate development to increase the economic vibrancy of our town, we have serious concerns regarding the scale of this proposed development project (16,000 square feet of commercial/office space, 25-plus apartment units, 100-plus parking spots), which would represent a dramatically more intensive use of the site than ever before.

In addition, although the project is described as having structures that are no more than three stories tall, from our vantage point — facing the rear of the site — the primary building is, in fact, four stories tall (three stories built on top of a parking garage).

We are significantly concerned about potential traffic safety and congestion (which will affect not just our neighborhood, but also many other residents who travel on Sharp Hill Road), additional noise, and glare from the nighttime lighting of the site. The project will impact wetlands and will encroach into the natural and invaluable buffer that those wetlands create for our neighboring residences. This project will affect our quality of life.

Development in Wilton — as articulated in the town’s Plan of Conservation and Development — should be context-sensitive and should preserve and protect Wilton’s established lower-density residential neighborhoods, among other goals. We strongly urge the Planning and Zoning Commission, the Inland-Wetlands Commission, and other town officials — and the project’s developer Patrick Downend — to respect our concerns, to reduce the scale of this project, and to do everything necessary to address the potentially adverse impacts this development will have on our neighborhood.

Michael and Maureen Deacy

David Lawlor

Ryan and Jaclyn Quinn

Janine Sullivan and Robert Desel

Michael and Marilyn Shay

Bruce and Ami Musser

Eric and Suzanne Schaefer

Michael and Jane Hoffmann