Wilton letter: Instead of a handout, the railroad needs to become more efficient

This letter writer says efficiency is the key to the MTA’s survival.

This letter writer says efficiency is the key to the MTA’s survival.

Jeannette Ross / Hearst Connecticut Media

To the Editors:

There is one group of people who have not suffered job losses during the pandemic. Transit workers at the MTA (Wall Street Journal, Nov. 18, 2020). I would venture that almost everyone reading this paper knows someone in the private sector who lost wages due to the pandemic. Before we request a federal bailout of the MTA, the MTA needs to get serious about running efficiently. This would be an excellent time to get large give-backs from the unions that have driven up costs over the years. Offer job security for efficiency. I watched three MTA workers pressure wash a platform at the South Norwalk station. Any homeowner knows that pressure washing is a one person operation. This is the sort of job padding that has ruined municipal transit systems.

Transit systems all over the country are in the same situation. Why should taxpayers in Montana pay for bailing out the MTA? It is a zero sum game, the money comes from us. Each state should deal with their own issues. It is possible that rail travel will never return to its pre-pandemic peak, due to now permanent changes in work habits. Why pay to support something that may never be needed again at this level? Maybe half the trains are all we need going forward.

Paul Lourd