Wilton letter: Football is not a smart play in COVID environment

Football action between St. Joseph and Wilton in Trumbull, Conn., on Wednesday Dec. 4, 2019.

Football action between St. Joseph and Wilton in Trumbull, Conn., on Wednesday Dec. 4, 2019.

Christian Abraham / Hearst Connecticut Media

To the Editors:

Kim Healy, who is currently running for state senator, says that our state has a bad history of picking winners and losers. I disagree. I am the mother of an athlete who missed her daughter’s senior year where she had the chance of breaking the Wilton High School all-time record of lacrosse goals scored. I understand where parents and kids are coming from. My husband and I would have loved nothing more than to see our daughter play during her senior year. I especially understand that this is tough on the players who want to get recruited because football players only get recruited from their high school teams.

However, Healy is not looking at the greater good. The fact is that these football players can pass the deadly virus to their parents and grandparents not to mention classmates and faculty. Varsity football attracts big crowds; the game is an event, with parents and grandparents coming to watch along with lots and lots of high schoolers. Crowd control would be virtually impossible. Healy also notes that it is unfair that youth gets to play except that in reality it is much easier to control younger kids and limit the tackle.

The biggest problem is that Healy is trying to tie football into an issue of state control of our school; that is ridiculous, viruses don’t know boundaries. The state is trying to control a deadly virus and the state is doing a great job. Healy is not focused on what matters most, the health of the people of Connecticut and allowing our schools to teach in-person. Connecticut does have a history of picking winners.

Victoria Rossi