To the Editors:

In response to The Republican Town Committee’s letter regarding lawn signs, no one should interfere with Republican lawn signs, whether for Donald Trump, Kim Healy, or someone else.

In the past, many Democratic lawn signs have also gone missing or were downed. However, I don’t believe that organized Republicans are behind that and we have never made it a campaign issue.

Instead, many factors can affect lawn signs. They are exposed to wind, rain and storms; Eversource, Optimum and other work crews; deer and other animals; and large trucks leaving a strong wake. Also, the state has a policy of removing campaign lawn signs from their property, which may include some of the locations identified by the RTC.

There are often allegations on both sides of exuberant partisans interfering with lawn signs. I have never believed this is a significant issue in Wilton on either side, but I join the RTC in reminding people to respect lawn signs.

Tom Dubin, Chair

Wilton Democratic Town Committee