To the Editors:

An egregious 2019-20 million-dollar compensation package for Eversource’s chairman, and up to a 50-percent rate increase, is obviously not enough to maintain a basic electric utility system for Connecticut consumers. No less than 13 Eversource executives make over one million dollars in total compensation per year. No wonder they are hitting the pocketbooks of Connecticut consumers who are are forced to wait a week for power for salary increases. Despicable.

Also, as Aquarian owners in its quest to expand and replace independent water sources including your potable well water, can you imagine the egregious rate increases for getting a glass of water or flushing a toilet? And then there’s a water supply problem with this turnkey utility monopoly in charge? The Connecticut consumer is being squeezed by these incompetents and it’s time to break up this total turnkey monopoly.

Kevin Hickey