Wilton endorsement letters

State senate, state representative

I urge my fellow Wilton residents to join me in voting for Will Haskell and Stephanie Thomas. With the complete lack of a national response to the coronavirus and a Supreme Court poised to strip away basic human rights, our local representatives are more important than ever.

Will has fought for affordable and accessible healthcare as well as paid family and medical leave, all of which we need more than ever as the pandemic rages on. Stephanie is committed to protecting the environment, women’s healthcare and keeping small businesses afloat.

Together, this team will ensure our best interests in Hartford are protected.

Michele Bennett

I am endorsing Kim Healy for state senate in the 26th and Patrizia Zucaro for state representative in the 143rd. Wilton needs to hear Kim’s and Patrizia’s independent voices in Hartford. They understand the current ideas coming out of Hartford, like forced school regionalization and state control of local zoning, are nothing more than a desperate power grab. These are the same folks who have bankrupted our state. Under their leadership, we have witnessed increased taxes and a mass exodus of talent and commerce to competing states. Connecticut needs to have adults in the room. We need Kim and Patrizia, because they offer smart solutions to our problems.

Rick Tomasetti

I am pleased to support Kim Healy for state senate and Patrizia Zucaro for state representative. As a CPA and former auditor, Kim has extensive experience in fiscal responsibility. Her leadership is just what is needed. Patrizia is a licensed attorney who will focus on balance and transparency in government. As a member of the Board of Selectmen, I am acutely aware of local needs. I am confident that Kim and Patrizia will represent our positions while in Hartford. Please join me in voting for these well-qualified candidates.

Lori Bufano

Second Selectmen

Public-sector unions control our state legislature. Last year, majority-party legislators voted to guarantee unionized state employees 11-percent raises over two years, funded by taxpayers, most of whom will never see such increases in the private sector. This summer, the governor didn’t even try to suspend those raises — totaling $350 million — while thousands of private-sector employees were jobless because of the pandemic. I am not sure if your readers are aware that the Democratic candidate for the 143rd House district sought endorsement by the union-funded Working Families Party and the SEIU-Service Employees International Union. It raises the question — where will her allegiance lie — state unions or constituents? I’m voting for Patrizia Zucaro.

Warren Serenbetz

I support Kim Healy and Patrizia Zucaro and hope you will too!

It’s a simple choice. They have always stood against regionalization of schools and planning and zoning. They believe it should stay local.

Will Haskell says he was always against it and the first legislator who fought it. That simply is false! Gail Lavielle was.

Stephanie Thomas seems to follow what Senator Haskell says. We need a leader in a state representative. I trust Patrizia will not be swayed.

Planning and zoning must stay local. I do not trust that either will fight for Wilton.

Patty Tomasetti

The new police bill is supposed to make us safer, but I think it’s a political maneuver that will do exactly the opposite. During debate, the legislators supporting it said they wanted to pass it immediately because they could fix it later! We need a representative who will focus on keeping us safe and can get things right the first time. The Wilton, Norwalk, and Westport police unions endorsed Patrizia Zucaro for state representative because she understands this law’s problems and knows how to fix them. I trust Patrizia to think more about our safety than making political points. She has my vote.

Rudi Hoefling

As someone who often splits his vote, I ask myself: Why would I in any way support a party that has given us this reckless, divisive tyrant in Washington? Even while its local candidates don’t mention him, don’t put up his signs, roll their eyes, they support a statewide voter-suppression effort that would keep him in power. When votes are scarce they appeal, as he does, to fear. Why would anyone concerned with dangerous income disparity, the environment, women’s rights, racism, support such candidates?

They wouldn’t.

For Wilton, for America, my choices are Biden, Harris, Himes, Haskell, Thomas.

Bob Carney

Connecticut continues to combat COVID-19 and the accompanying economic damage. Bold action is needed on both fronts.

Will Haskell advocates investment in job training programs that prepare residents to enter the 21st-century workforce to provide job opportunity and financial security. ConnCAT, for example, provides a training program to unemployed and under-employed adults to teach skills required for jobs in health sciences and culinary professions.

Haskell wants businesses, large and small, to have a skilled workforce. He advocates workforce development, debt-free community college, and economic revitalization.

Vote Will Haskell for Connecticut’s economy.

Brian Sudano

Serving on the Board of Finance, I’ve learned an important truth: Hartford always wants something from our town. Paying part of the state’s teachers’ pension costs, giving up school funding — there’s always something. Our state representative must alert us to all significant developments for Wilton, communicate and explain the facts clearly to residents.

Patrizia Zucaro understands the persistent efforts in Hartford to gain more control of how we spend our property taxes. She will fight to ensure that Wilton isn’t penalized for being well-managed. She believes state government must serve and be responsive to Wilton — not the other way around.

Jeffrey Rutishauser

The 2020 election is not about party, but rather a referendum on who we are as a nation. We must send a unified, resounding message to those in government that we demand thoughtful, coalition-building leaders who care about the people they govern. If you care about health care, COVID, education, climate change, the economy, or our national security, vote for Joe Biden/Kamala Harris, Congressman Jim Himes, state Senator Will Haskell and Stephanie Thomas for CT 143rd. This isn’t hyperbole; democracy itself is on the ballot. Vote Democrats Row A to protect our Constitution and our democracy.

Heather Wilcauskas