Wilton Warrior Words: The spectacle of springtime

Justin Rosenthal

Justin Rosenthal

Hearst Connecticut Media

For as long as I can remember, once every year I will return home from school, inhale the sweet, earthy air, and think, “It’s finally spring.” It will be as if the world had transformed overnight; the birds are chirping, the bumblebees are buzzing, and the sun is smiling down on me. This is the magic of springtime in Wilton, the dull, gloomy tones of winter melting away with the snow as the pinks and yellows of spring emerge. There is something ineffable about this time of year, and, thus, I wanted to highlight a few of the opportunities Wilton has to offer in the springtime that have been an integral aspect of my adolescence.

One of my favorite activities to engage in that truly marks the beginning of spring to me is getting ice cream. Nearly every April, my sister and I will turn to each other, an almost subconscious yearning for a sweet treat from Scoops suddenly overwhelming us, and by the devious glint in each other’s eyes, we both know that we are going out for ice cream that night. There’s something oddly natural about this, our taste buds craving a flavor we wouldn’t dare think about throughout the cold, dreary winter, and I cherish it. Though the process is quite different nowadays, the car ride to Scoops featuring just the two of us, a begrudging parent no longer sitting in the driver’s seat, and the car’s speaker now always blasting music so loud it surely must make the glistening night sky’s stars shake, there are some constants that never have and never will change. My sister will proudly proclaim her order of swamp ice cream to the worker behind the counter, and, after careful contemplation, of course, I will then ask for my scoop of cotton candy ice cream. We’ll receive our order, sit outside, and talk, just a simple shared moment between two siblings as we embrace the warmer temperatures and beautiful scenery of spring. These instances are abundant in the springtime, little pieces of time that, after a few months of winter’s frigid, restrictive weather, are so small yet so significant to me.

Another key element of spring in Wilton is being able to enjoy the outdoors by going on walks outside, perhaps even picnicking. Wilton contains so many lovely places to walk, whether they are official trails or simply scenic sidewalks, and this is especially apparent once the flowers begin blooming in spring. Watching the barren trees, bushes, and yards suddenly become full of life in April never ceases to amaze me, brilliant greens, pinks, whites, and yellows replacing the somber hues of winter. The world opens up in what feels like the blink of an eye, unexplored paths beckoning passersby for a quick stroll, open fields enticing voyagers with promises of a well-deserved rest amidst the grassy horizons. I never can understand how quickly I forget about all this once the spectacle of springtime wears off on me, the sights, scents, and sounds becoming commonplace. That is simultaneously my most and least favorite aspect of spring; on the one hand, it makes the beginning of this season so incredibly special to me, but on the other hand, I find it quite unfortunate that I never seem to take advantage of springtime as much as I wish I would.

Though the season of spring may be temporary, the experiences I gain from it feel eternal, an ever-changing constant that always keeps me grounded yet on the move. Springtime in Wilton is truly such an exceptional time of year, and as graduation draws closer, a reminder that Wilton will not be my home forever, I only seem to value it more. Please take full advantage of what this season has to offer here; enjoy the welcome weather, the captivating colors, the absorbing activities. From something as simple as late-night ice cream runs to the slightly higher effort act of hiking, I cannot overstate how much there is to enjoy about spring in Wilton.