Wilton GOP view: Protect zoning, schools, businesses

I am writing in support of Republican candidates Kim Healy and Patrizia Zucaro who are running for state Senate 26th District and for state Representative for the House 143rd District.

As a Wilton resident, Kim’s deep ties to the community are obvious. She’s the candidate with skin in the game who will look out for our community’s best interests. In addition, professionally Kim has worked as an auditor with PricewaterhouseCoopers LLC, and she earned her BS in accounting from Manhattan College. She has volunteered locally as a tax preparer serving retired and low-income individuals. She has also served as treasurer for the Wilton Library. Her intellect and forthright style, in conjunction with her accounting, auditing, budgeting, consulting and tax skills, are what Hartford desperately needs in these pivotal times.

Patrizia is a young, vibrant Westport native whose competitive advantages are her ties to Connecticut, more than 10 years of local real estate experience and almost as many as a licensed attorney in the state. She clearly understands the ramifications of the pitfalls of poor legislation, and the long-term negative effects on our livelihoods, schools, and property values. Most importantly, she understands our local issues are unique and best addressed in a bipartisan manner. Patrizia’s thinking and positions are clearly articulated, and are based upon facts and logic, rather than emotion and ambiguity.

The candidates’ three most notable promises are:

 Protect local control of Planning and Zoning boards.

 Oppose forced regionalization of our schools.

 Support our local businesses.

When it comes to protecting our local control of Planning and Zoning in Wilton, both candidates know Democrats are taking aim at Wilton’s local zoning and housing decisions. A bill proposed by Democrat Sen. Saud Anwar (LCO 3562) would eliminate single-family zoning in large swaths of towns statewide and allow city housing authorities to infringe on local town decisions within a 15-mile radius. That takes away Wilton residents’ local accountability for housing and zoning decisions and puts them in the hands of housing authorities in Bridgeport, Danbury, Norwalk, and Stamford. The proposal creates statewide, one-size-fits-all decisions for locations within one-half mile of train or bus stations in Wilton, and one-quarter mile from commercial areas.

By advocating for our town, schools, lower taxes, and smarter spending, our businesses and property values will benefit. Both candidates are running solely to serve their constituents. Most important, neither candidate is endorsed by the Working Families Party, which is heavily funded by Connecticut’s public-sector unions, nor by the AFL-CIO or the SEIU-Service Employees International Union. If they were, that would be a direct conflict of interest. After all, it’s the public-sector unions that have the stranglehold on the state, and the politicians backing these unions are responsible for everything that is wrong with Connecticut right now.

Let’s turn things around and support Patrizia and Kim on Nov. 3. There are no viable alternatives. It’s your town, and up to you to protect it.

Chris Lineberger is chairman of the Wilton Republican Town Committee