Wilton Endorsement Letters: Haskell, Healy, Zucaro, Thomas, Himes

The American flag .

The American flag .

Jeannette Ross / Hearst Connecticut Media


The November 2020 election is the most important election in recent history, and will have a profound impact on the direction of this country on a national and local level. If we are to end systemic racism through policies designed to promote equal opportunity, eliminate gun violence through common-sense gun regulations, encourage fiscal responsibility through balanced budgets, promote efforts to reduce our carbon footprint and slow the process of global warming, and heal the divisions tearing this country apart, the choice is simple: support Biden-Harris and the Connecticut Democratic candidates, Jim Hines, Will Haskell, and Stephanie Thomas on Nov. 3.

Carey Field

State Senate

When electing those that represent you, it is no different than anything else in life, experience matters. Experience is the intangible that makes something go from average to outstanding, a liability to an asset, reactive to proactive, and from being led to leading. That is what we are missing today in our 26th state Senate district. Kim Healy is the solution. Kim has decades of experience in finance, leading diversified teams, cultivating inclusive environments that make decisions based upon fact, and she does what is right, not just what is easy. Vote wisely. Vote for Kim Healy.

Anna Marie Bilella

We are Democrats for Joe Biden but locally voting for Republican Kim Healy. Kim is one of the finest people we know with the finance experience needed. With Connecticut ranked as the 2019, fourth highest, most “moved from'” state in the country, she understands the challenges we face in keeping taxes down so residents and businesses stay and state revenues increase. We know Kim will fight so our state government maximizes resources and makes good investments. Kim’s leadership and strong character will create fair and thoughtful legislation that moves our state forward with the balance needed to bring us together.

Jack and Jackie Jackson

I have been a Wilton resident for 15 years. I moved here for a reason, the small-town flavor and great school. We need good neighbors like Kim Healy and Patrizia Zucaro to protect our school from Hartford’s regionalizing plan. I also believe Kim and Patrizia have strong fiscal discipline and they are against Hartford’s runaway spending. It is appalling that state employee compensation that far outpaces those in the private sector. We need someone like Kim and Patrizia to ensure Hartford is making effort to control that. I am voting for Kim Healy and Patrizia Zucaro.

Xuehai Ling

State Representative

I’ve always been concerned, but not outright alarmed, about the damage our legislature might do to our beautiful town, because Gail Lavielle was watching our back. She always alerts us when legislation really threatens Wilton: school regionalization, state control of zoning, pushdown of teachers’ pension costs. But without her, Wilton will desperately need a representative who constantly watches out for our town. The Democratic candidate for the seat is too occupied with pushing her national party’s agenda to care about being our watchdog. Patrizia Zucaro, an independent thinker, is however pushing no agenda except our interests. I trust her to put Wilton first.

Roger Van Brussel