Supports candidates Arkell, Bria for the Wilton Board of Finance

To the Editor:

Sandra Arkell and Frank Bria are the best candidates for the Board of Finance. Sandy is an executive vice president and principal accounting officer for a multinational financial services corporation. I currently serve with Sandy on the Board of Finance, and I cannot overstate the contributions she makes to the board. Her knowledge and experience in finance and accounting is critical to understanding the town budget. She asks important and inciteful questions that educate all of us on the Board of Finance. Frank is a senior vice president with a multinational property/casualty and life/health reinsurance company. I have known Frank personally and professionally for fifteen years and know he will make a great addition to the board. He is an attorney by training, but has spent the last fifteen years of his professional career working in financial risk management. Both Sandy and Frank offer exactly what we need on the Board of Finance.

Sandy and Frank will make decisions on the Board of Finance based upon a critical analysis of the facts, not ideology. They will work to build consensus, not act unilaterally. The last time we had four Republicans on the Board of Finance, the four of them unilaterally cut the town and school budgets over the objections of the Democratic members and against the recommendations of the Board of Selectmen and Board of Education. Now that the Democrats have four of the six positions on the Board of Finance, all six members of the Board of Finance work collaboratively to do what is best for Wilton. Let’s keep it that way. Please vote for Sandy Arkell and Frank Bria on November 2nd.

Michael Kaelin