Supports candidate Jared Martin for Wilton Board of Education

To The Editor,

I am happy to have the opportunity to provide my strong support to Jared Martin for the Board of Education. As a father who is a registered Unaffilated voter, Jared is not focused on anything partisan, and wants to not only maintain, but improve the level of competency within our educational system for his kids, and all of the current and future Wilton children.

This is why he chose to take time out of his busy schedule - as a successful professional in the financial technology industry, and as the father of two busy children - to serve Wilton. If you spend a little time speaking with Jared, it will be obvious to you why there are Democrats and Republicans and Unaffiliateds alike excited by Jared’s enthusiasm for education and why there is a number of people beyond Republicans with Christ and Martin, (he is running along with a fabulous Jess Christ), Board of Education lawn signs in front of their homes. Jared is thoughtful, measured and professional in his daily life, and that is what I envision for him as a member of our Board of Education.

Please join me in voting Row B for Jared.

Don Drummond