Supports Koenigsberg for re-election to the Wilton Board of Finance

Wilton Residents,

I am writing in strong support for Stewart Koenigsberg for re-election to the Board of Finance. Stewart has expertly served our town and has succeeded in driving actual tax cuts while improving town education and services.

As opposed to others who do not have the deep skill set nor the mission to trim costs, Stewart has both, and has led efforts on the Board of Finance to evaluate every line of spending truly independently, to comment and question, and explain where funding should go. He is a great advocate for the strongest schools in the state, and he understands the need to prioritize student facing spending that gets to the objective that we all support. Unlike his opponents running for the Board of Finance, and their adopted platform in Wilton, he strongly opposes the regionalization of Wilton schools, which will irreparably harm Wilton.

Unlike others who preferred to “rubber stamp” budgets over the last four years, he recommended cuts to overhead, travel and conference expenses, and more spending on math and other student resources.

Stewart was a career financial executive at GE, was the CFO of several of their largest divisions, and he also ran GE Capital company wide budgeting, and planning. He has also served on public, private and not for profit Boards of Directors. He has served tirelessly to represent Wilton taxpayers, not Hartford political agendas.

Please join me in voting for his re-election to the Board of Finance.


Barry Judelson