Supports Keith Denning for Connecticut state assembly 42nd district seat

To the Editor:

I’m very pleased to hear that Keith Denning is running for State Assembly in the new 42nd district. Keith has dedicated his life to public service, both in his profession as a nurse anesthesiologist and in the many voluntary medical missions he has undertaken around the world. He is someone not afraid to address tough, tough problems.

I’ve grown weary of candidates, nationally and locally, who base their campaigns on fear—fear of change, fear of “others,” and, in this state, fear of Hartford.

I don’t doubt their sincerity, but I do question their efficacy. Our most effective representatives have worked hard to solve state-wide problems and, in the process, gained the influence necessary to safeguard Wilton’s interests. Sen. Will Haskell and Rep. Stephanie Thomas come to mind. Keith is, like them, a compassionate collaborator who will serve us effectively as our first Representative of the 42nd district.

Bob Carney