Supports Democrat candidates for upcoming election in Wilton

To the Editor

This year an inference about the Democratic candidates for the municipal elections is that they are somehow not ‘our neighbors’ and are not ‘local’ in their perspectives. As the Nominating Chair for the DTC, I can put those concerns to rest. Let’s start with the Board of ED candidates. Deborah Low is a longtime member of the Wilton community as an educator and an administrator; our children went to school together. Pam Ely was an aid to a student in my son’s kindergarten class, years before she began her 20-year career as the Director of the Children’s Day School of Wilton. Nicola Davies has spent 10 years as an advocate in the PTA, as well as a volunteer for Minks to Sinks, ABC, and Wilton Go Green.

The Board of Selectmen candidates, Bas Nabulsi, a 10+ year volunteer on the Planning and Zoning Commission, helped set the direction on our most recent Plan of Conservation and Development (POCD). Keith Denning chose Wilton 5 years ago; in that time, he has volunteered as an alternate on the Board of Assessment Appeals.

The Board of Finance candidates include Frank Bria who came to Wilton to raise his family and has worked with many local nonprofits. He will use his financial skills to move Wilton forward. Sandy Arkell’s financial experience led her to self-submit to fill an empty seat on the board of finance. One of more than 12 candidates, she was unanimously seated by both the Republicans and the Democrats. As the only woman currently seated on the BOF, and the only woman candidate, she brings both financial acumen and a unique perspective.

The Democratic candidates are our neighbors, and care deeply about local issues. Vote Row A on Tuesday, November 2nd.

Ceci Maher