Positivity is more than a campaign slogan for Denning, Nabulsi in Wilton

I write to enthusiastically endorse Board of Selectman candidates Keith Denning and Bas Nabulsi. Keith Denning is a thoughtful leader and decision maker with an enviable commitment to public service. Bas Nabulsi is a strategic thinker and dedicated leader willing to make tough decisions. Together, their intellect, ideas, and energy will help Wilton thrive in the years to come while protecting its wonderful assets such a stellar schools and abundant open space.

“A positive voice for Wilton’s future” is more than just their campaign slogan, it’s a way of thinking, and more importantly, a way of leading. It is always easy to say what’s wrong or to believe that the grass is greener elsewhere. It is much more difficult to find candidates with a vision and the commitment to see it through; willing to speak up without checking to see which way the wind is blowing; and willing to consider and embrace other points of view. Both Keith and Bas have an approach grounded in civil discourse and mutual respect.

I am confident that Keith and Bas will hold Wilton's values close as they go about the business of charting a course for the future. The landscape may be shifting rapidly around us, but Wilton will be on steady ground with the leadership of Keith and Bas.


Stephanie Thomas