Opinion: Hearst CT editorial board weighs Biden, Trump on 5 key issues and offers endorsement

President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden offer vastly different visions for the future. But while much of their campaigns’ focus has been on personality, the most important considerations remain the issues that matter most to Americans. In comparing Biden’s plans with Trump’s record and proposals, voters can see a clear contrast in their competing visions.

Coronavirus response

No president could have avoided entirely the damage wrought by the worst pandemic in a century. However, it was not until contracting the novel coronavirus himself that Trump has appeared to understand the depths of the crisis his administration has faced this year. For too long, the president insisted the virus would go away on its own, or that its seriousness was being overstated. His shift was short-lived, as he has lapsed back to rallies sans masks and social distancing in recent days. Nevertheless, all Americans share a hope that the administration’s $11-billion “Operation Warp Speed” to deliver effective vaccines in the next few months proves fruitful. Biden, for his part, has from the beginning grasped the gravity of the issue and there is every indication he would take action to fight the virus’ continued fallout as president. He has outlined a plan that includes ensuring all Americans have access to free and reliable testing and implementing national mask mandates.


No president is solely responsible for the health of the economy during his term, but Trump earned credit for presiding over a period of low unemployment before the coronavirus hit. And while he also can’t be blamed entirely for the depths the economic crisis has reached in recent months, he is ultimately responsible for the lack of continuing relief for people struggling with job loss and reduced pay. Congress needs to make a deal, but the president has a major role to play in those negotiations, and it hasn’t happened. Meanwhile, Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has played politics as the clock ticks down to Election Day. Biden recognizes the need for increased COVID relief, and has made it a major platform of his campaign. He also plans to reverse some of Trump’s tax cuts for corporations and impose common-sense tax reforms that make sure the wealthiest Americans pay their fair share.

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Health care

Biden was part of the administration that passed the Affordable Care Act, which, while flawed, brought health coverage to millions of people who lacked it and protected those with preexisting conditions. Trump has tried — and is still trying — to have that law overturned, and a promised replacement plan that would also protect preexisting conditions has not materialized. Biden, by contrast, has pledged as president to build on the success of the ACA and fix the pieces that do not work.


Biden takes seriously the threat of climate change, and while his proposals don’t go far enough, he has released plans to move the United States toward a clean energy future and try to forestall the worst of global warming. It is a monumental task, but understanding the problem is the first step, and Biden clearly does. Trump, in his four years in office, has weakened environmental regulations that limit emissions. With time growing short to take on a global crisis, four more years of policy geared toward polluters could be catastrophic.

Race relations

While far from a new issue, the issue of race relations came to the forefront over the summer following the death of George Floyd and subsequent nationwide protests. While President Trump seemed to fan the flames by warning of, for instance, low-income housing coming to the suburbs, Biden has recognized the need for change and the difficult conversations that will go along with that process. By choosing California Sen. Kamala Harris as his running mate, he has shown that his push for diversity is about actions, not just words. Harris is the first woman of color to run for vice president for one of the major parties. Biden can be counted on to continue this work as president. His goal is to remove barriers to participation in our economy, expand access to opportunity, and fully enforce the policies and laws that we already have on the books.


Though no one can alone solve the many crises our nation is facing, Biden offers the best hope to unite our states and initiate the hard work of reconciliation. He earns our endorsement for president of the United States.