Opinion: A third-grade class offers a poem about the sights, smells and sounds of holiday season

Editor’s note: This collaborative poem by third-graders in Denice Crettol’s class at Riverside School in Greenwich was inspired by Cynthia Rylant’s poem, “In November.” The students also drew the accompanying artwork.

In December, the Earth looks like a giant wedding cake.

Rivers and lakes turn into ice.

The forest leaves disappear and they crunch under our shoes.

Trees look like skeletons.

The breeze makes spirits alive.

Snow falls from the sky onto my tongue

And a blanket of snow covers the world below.

In December some animals pile up for a long winter nap.

Chipmunks snooze in their dark, cozy burrows.

Turtles disappear in the deep, thick brown mud of the pond.

Frogs, bears and snakes dream in hibernation.

Some animals play outside on a winter blanket.

Deer search for food in the thick, sparkling white snow.

Squirrels drop nuts from their cute, round cheeks

as they scamper into trees from ferocious predators.

Most birds leave for the cold, white winter.

Some birds stay and sing a beautiful morning song.

Dogs and cats lay by the fire in the bright homes of others.

In December, snow activities come to life.

Sleds whiz over snow carrying joyful kids.

Ice skates slide across frozen ponds.

Snow people come to life with a hat and coal buttons.

Kids pile up snowballs one by one to make a wall of fun.

Tall, short, thick or thin snow forts provide

Extra protection for snowball fighters.

Children move their legs and arms in the snow

To create snow angels.

In December the air rings with spirit and joy.

People rush to church called by the bells.

Hundreds of birds chirp on their way to a sandy shore.

Kids dive into piles of toys screaming with joy.

Crunch, crunch, crunch

Santa enjoys his yummy cookies.

In December the smell is different.

It is sweet and special.

Children beg for hot chocolate with marshmallows.

On the night of Dec. 24, people leave cookies and milk.

Elves bring peppermint candy canes for the little ones.

The taste of cinnamon rolls lingers in my mouth all December.

In December houses are decorated with lights

Of every color that glow through the darkness.

The stars shimmer like balls of white light floating in the sky.

Candles lit for celebration shine brightly in windows.

Step outside of your home into a world

of red,




and yellow

all sparkle, dazzle, shine in celebration.