McFadden: Please take the opportunity to vote

The Connecticut Presidential Primary takes place on Tuesday, April 26. This is a call to action for all voters who are registered as Democrats. Please go to the polls and vote.

This is one of the most unusual presidential nominating processes in history and essential voters are engaged in the process of selecting our party nominee and not waiting til November to vote just in the general election. The Wilton DTC has not taken a position on the Democratic candidates, Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders. The choice is yours.

There has already been considerable movement among voters. The Wilton office of the registrar of voters has reported nearly 450 new voter applications and more than 150 Wilton voters have changed their party affiliation. Some key facts should be known:  

  • Those who are 17 years old may vote in this primary as long as they’re registered and will turn 18 by Nov. 8, 2016, Election Day.

  • Importantly, registration is not allowed on Election Day in Connecticut for primaries.  

Absentee ballots are available from Wilton Town Clerk. Both the application and completion of the ballot may be done in person now at the town clerk’s office. The application must be signed by the voter, not by family members.

For questions, contact the Wilton registrars’ office for details.  

Please participate in this important civic duty.
— Wilton Democratic Town Committee Chair Deborah McFadden