Letter to the editor: CIAC should back off on shot clock

That we’re the only country that socializes school sports is never going to change. But we can avoid absurd spending. The rogue CIAC just doesn’t care, though.

I have announced high school basketball games for years. Rarely, almost never, have I noticed teams holding the ball and draining the time clock. However, the CIAC, which answers to no one, has decided to bring a 35-second shot clock into Connecticut next year. That means for every game, schools will have to pay about $50 for someone to assume this needless duty, a six-figure cost that the CIAC does not care that you and I will absorb.

I realize that per taxpayer, that’s not a lot. But will the state finally let athletic directors and coaches make the rules — not people who are living in their own world?

Martin Glasser