Letter to the Editor in support of candidate Pam Ely for Wilton Board of Education

To the Editor,

Pam Ely possesses a unique and invaluable combination of teaching experience, professional expertise, and vision as well as an abiding passion for improving the lives of children. This makes her an ideal candidate for the Board of Education.

I have known Pam for more than 30 years and have seen in action her deep understanding of children of all ages- not just what they need to learn effectively but what they need to flourish. This grows from her more than 3 decades as a local educator and longtime Director of Children’s Day School of Wilton. Her experience has also given her great insight into the very real needs and challenges facing teachers and school administrators during these difficult times.

Time and again I have seen Pam commit to a volunteer endeavor and give it her all- generously sharing her time and her enormous talents. She is a person of integrity, commitment and experience who has both a broad and long-term view of our Wilton schools, and a vision for future possibilities that encompasses the needs and hopes of students, teachers, administrators, and families alike.

Vote for Pam Ely for BOE.

Becky Hudspeth