Letter: Wilton will recover but it will take time

To the Editors:

Being isolated in my house for almost two weeks, I was forced to think how different our economy and lives will be when we have managed to bring the coronavirus under control.

Even though we will have minimized the effects of the pandemic, perhaps even finding a vaccine, we will have to live with the dramatic changes that will have occurred while we were fighting it. Here in Wilton we will be facing the results of the viruses and the economic damage that has resulted.

Many of our citizens will have lost relatives, lost their small businesses and perhaps their jobs. The dramatic drop in investments will have changed in how they live and how much they will be able to spend. I believe Wilton will need to significantly reduce all spending. The days of ever increasing mil rates will have to stop for the simple reason that our citizens will all be facing hard financial times.

I believe that Wilton will recover if we all share the sacrifices. Unfortunately, I do not believe it will be a quick recovery.

Sensible Wilton

Alex Ruskewich