Letter: Wilton’s good Samaritans

To the Editors:

After I took a nasty fall on the sidewalk at Wilton Center several days ago, two “angels” who happened to be in the area appeared to help me. Nurse Amy took charge of the calamity and Neighbor Lorien was her assistant. Amy called the ambulance and both of them assisted in getting me to a comfortable chair as I was able to walk. After the ambulance arrived and the medics did a preliminary evaluation, it was deemed a trip to the ER would be unnecessary during a pandemic considering my wounds were relatively minor.

These women stayed with me the whole time and were knowledgeable, compassionate, and comforting. Nurse Amy certainly had the situation under control and she even reassured husband Fred that everything would be OK. I am so grateful for their help, especially during these stressful times. When seeing I was hurt they didn't hesitate to offer assistance. Wilton is a great town and the people in it are fabulous.

Thank you, Amy and Lorien — my angels!

Pat Wernig