Letter: Wilton is a great place to live

To the Editors:

Thank you, Wilton.

An African proverb, “Omwana ni wa bhone,” meaning regardless of a child’s biological parents, its upbringing belongs to the community. For the last 23 years, I am grateful to call Wilton “that” community. The amount of programs and support that Wilton provides from the many religious houses, official town support, and various self-funded community programs is quite remarkable. I feel like we have experienced an incredible amount of knowledge and commitment in the wide-ranging programs we participated in. That would extend to the families coming together for the children’s events that start as “play dates” and end with “pre-prom picture parties.”

Everyone is interested in doing the best they can, and that is all you can ask for. I want to apologize if I may have seemed aloof throughout the years; I was probably sleeping with my eyes open. While research might say school-age children need more sleep, I would suggest it’s the parents that need more rest. The old saying goes: you are who you hang out with, and I am proud to have hung out in Wilton for the last 23 years.

It’s time for our next stage and allow the next energetic family to contribute to Wilton’s culture. I will leave you with one last impression, as the COVID lock-down brought me back to the same lazy country roads that lured me to town, I was awed by one of our younger citizens’ sign posted outside their house.


Jerry Pucci

Wilton resident 1997-2020