To the Editors:

When we think of and honor the heroes among us during this pandemic, please include in that number all the “behind the scenes” people who work to keep services, like the Wilton Library, available to us.

Even though the physical doors are currently closed, the virtual doors have been open-wide, offering from day one, an incredible amount of online material and resources.

This is our library’s 125th anniversary (serving us for as long as the N.Y. Public Library’s served the city). Its team, under the guidance of Elaine Tai-Lauria, the executive Director, has devoted countless hours to provide us with a “virtual library,” a daily source of stimulating ideas, programs, and community support.

And while the team keeps batting-out a full range of online programs, it’s also working to make possible our safe return to the building.

Just consider for a moment, some of what that planning entails: like safely lending books and other materials, all of which must be sanitized, etc.

Just a suggestion, but if your circumstances permit, express your gratitude to this team of people by making a donation to the Wilton Library.

It’s been “open” for us, so let’s open our checkbooks to this treasure, if we can.

Linda Sutter-Rubinstein