Letter: Thank you from Wilton Brownie Troop 50734

Wilton Brownie Troop 50734 thanks people for their service.

Wilton Brownie Troop 50734 thanks people for their service.

To the Editors:

We are truly grateful to live in this town. We are grateful for the space, parks, and trails so we can get outside safely.

Most of all, we are grateful to our friends and neighbors:

Thank you to our teachers who have been working really hard to teach us over the computer. That’s hard. Plus, you have your own families to teach and take care of!

Thank you to our police and firefighters who are taking care of people and doing birthday parades for us.

Thank you to every single person working at the hospitals. You are kind and brave to go to work every day.

Thank you to the scientists and doctors who are trying to learn about this virus and how to take care of us.

Thank you to all the volunteers making things for people, like masks to keep us all safer.

Thank you to the delivery drivers and truckers who bring things to our house since we can’t go shopping.

Thank you to all the people who have adopted animals because we have more time at home.

Thank you to our family members who are working from home and taking care us at the same time.

Thank you to our moms and dads!

Wilton Brownie Troop 50734

3rd Grade