To the Editors:

I find it humorous and even somewhat ignorant when I read letters to the Wilton Bulletin and hear of letters written to the Board of Selectmen suggesting that the children of Wilton are sheltered from the real world so we need to change Wilton, such as by adding low-income housing. I’m not sure what one has to do with the other.

We moved to Wilton for safety, security and the beautiful country landscape, which unfortunately some politicians at the federal and state levels feel people are no longer entitled to enjoy, anywhere — didn’t we vote for them? But for those people who have moved to Wilton and feel it is not what you were looking for in life, my suggestion is maybe consider another location such as Portland or a similar location where your children can experience what in your opinion they really need to experience on a daily basis in order to succeed in life. But please don’t suggest that because you are unhappy here we should flip the environment that the majority of residents, no matter their race, religion, age, or any other personal attribute, enjoy about our town.

I have traveled extensively throughout the United States and internationally to a number of countries throughout Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Latin America. So I have some suggestions. If you want to really show your children how good they have it, take them to New York City or Detroit and walk around at night, or better yet an impressive city like Delhi, India, where people are living in the streets. Or maybe Mexico City where there are bars on every window, walls surrounding homes making them look like the Alamo, security guards with automatic weapons guarding the doors of restaurants, and red-light traffic signals are “optional” as if you stop you are taking your life into your hands. Or even better, the ultimate solution, maybe suggest they look beyond themselves and make a selfless move — join the Marine Corps as my son and his “sheltered” Wilton friends did straight out of high school, and deploy to Afghanistan. You can’t get much better than that. Or maybe take a simpler approach such as volunteering and helping the Wilton community or another community in need.

This is not about politics or whether low-income housing should be part of any landscape, but rather spending time with your children and educating them about the world, both the good and the bad. It is easy to criticize any town in which you live — we have lived in several places — but before you complain about your children being sheltered here in Wilton, ask yourself why you moved here in the first place and what you can do for them to change that without impacting your neighbors. It is not our responsibility, it is yours.

Ross Marrazzo