To the Editors:

When our children leave Wilton where do they go? They enter a world less sheltered, less protected, and one that is much more culturally diverse. They enter this world outside of Wilton to develop their minds and expose themselves to new experiences. They increase their interests and enrich their growth. Many come back to realize for the first time what a stark contrast that the town they grew up in is to the actual “real world.”

It is disappointing that they must leave Wilton in order to experience this for the first time. But that is certainly the case. We don’t have the type of affordable or economically viable options that would attract more residents from these vibrant communities.

Many people come to Wilton because of the large lots and serene landscapes the town provides. But what are our children missing in terms of preparation for the outside world? It would be wonderful if Wilton would address this on its own, but for whatever reason we have been unwilling or unable to do so. The percent of affordable housing in our town has not budged in decades. New statewide encouragement of affordable housing is an opportunity that we should welcome with a good-faith dialogue to improve our own town. As a result, we will be a better community and offer something our children can take with them in the future — an appreciation and better understanding of the real world around them.

Keith Denning