Letter: Looking forward to reestablishing respectful, responsible dialogue post-election

To the Editors:

Donald Trump’s baseless assertions regarding election results led directly to the assault on our nation’s Capitol building. The enabling Trumpist wing of the Republican party is equally to blame for the growing damage - together with Trump they continue to lie to the American public about election results, and then cite the concerns of the people that they misled as the basis for hijacking the electoral college process. Importantly, condemning the insurgents without condemning Trump and his enablers is a whitewash.

It is well-beyond time for all Americans to see Trump for what he is: a dangerous demagogue with no loyalties, no concern for truth, and no principles other than self-aggrandizement. A handful of responsible Republican leaders spoke with reason and perspective yesterday, both before and after the assault. Statements from the likes of Mitt Romney and Ben Sasse (and even Mitch McConnell, yesterday) suggest that the party can shake-off its deal with the devil if they have sufficient resolve. We hope that additional, traditional Republicans will reassert themselves. Meanwhile we hold our breath regarding Trump’s remaining time in power, including self-serving executive orders and pardons to come, and believe it is not beyond reason to hope for the 25th Amendment to be exercised or for a second impeachment.

In all of the noise, let’s not lose sight of another issue. Security preparations to meet the MAGA-putsch wore characteristically kid gloves, and much of today’s media describe the MAGA insurrectionists as mere “protesters.” We should not shy from comparing these policing and media responses to the experiences of Black Lives Matters supporters and other peaceful, recent cries for racial justice.

The United States remains the most exciting, most promising experiment in democratic government the world has known. Good ideas are not the exclusive domain of one party or the other, and we look forward to reestablishing the respectful, responsible push and pull that brings the best opportunities and results for all Americans.

Tom Dubin, Chairman

Wilton Democratic Town Committee