In Support of Stewart Koenigsberg for re-election to the Wilton Board of Finance

I’m writing in strong support of Stewart Koenigsberg for re-election to the Board of Finance. Stewart has expertly served on the Board of Finance for the past 4 years, and has proven time-and-time again how capable Board members can effectively navigate in the most trying of times.

Wilton has greatly benefited from Stewart’s service and dedication these past 4 years. He has played an influential role in managing costs, while maintaining the highest quality schools that we all so highly prioritize.

Stewart’s unique abilities to drive fiscal responsibility is hardly surprising to those who know his background. Stewart spent 26 years at GE, as CFO of some of GE’s largest divisions. For GE Capital, he ran all budgeting, planning and strategic planning, and has brought this unequaled expertise to the Town of Wilton. Stewart spent decades poring through sizable budgets, and knows firsthand how to identify line-item opportunities to keep overall budgets and crucial priorities in proper balance.

Stewart has lived in Wilton for over 30 years, and truly cares about our town. I’m grateful for all that Stewart has helped Wilton accomplish these past 4 years, and believe we would be lucky to have him continue in this crucial role. Please join me in voting for his re-election to the Board of Finance.

Sam Gumins