Endorsement letters for 26th District state Senate primary

Absentee ballot applications for the Nov. 3 election will be mailed beginning this week.

Absentee ballot applications for the Nov. 3 election will be mailed beginning this week.

Jeannette Ross / Hearst Connecticut Media

Healy understands the districts concerns

To the Editors:

There is a primary on Aug. 11 to choose the Republican candidate for the 26th state Senate district. Wiltonian Kim Healy was endorsed by the district delegates at the May convention because she has both the qualities necessary to be an effective legislator and those it takes to win a general election.

Kim’s work as a CPA in the corporate world and a longtime volunteer in Wilton has prepared her well for getting results in a legislative body where no one can accomplish anything by acting alone. She will build alliances on both sides of the aisle, advocate vocally, and cast her votes thoughtfully and independently with her constituents in mind. Because there are only 36 senators, all freshmen must be committee chairs or ranking members. Kim is well qualified to take on that leadership role.

Kim is a a detail-minded problem-solver who bases decisions on figures and facts. She has strong analytical skills and will bring them to her approach to legislation. She will stay in constant touch with her constituents to keep them informed and represent them well.

Kim’s life experience gives her an intimate understanding of their issues: she has a family to keep safe and healthy, including children who have attended Wilton schools, she has paid taxes, paid down a mortgage, earned a salary, and worked with or served people representing the full spectrum of backgrounds and points of view.

Because she shares so many experiences with the people of our Senate district, she understands their concerns about jobs, schools, taxes and spending, retirement, Connecticut’s economy, and the importance of local decision-making for their towns. She knows that most people are tired of politics. They want to trust that their legislators’ interests are their interests, and that they are focusing on solutions, not one-size-fits-all political agendas that are often not appropriate for Connecticut. Kim has the deep understanding of the district necessary to win in November.

I respectfully urge you to join me in voting for Wilton’s Kim Healy in the Aug. 11 primary as the Republican state Senate candidate for the 26th district in the November general election.

Gail Lavielle

State Representative 143rd district

Assistant Republican Leader

Healy has the skills for state challenges

To the Editors:

Wilton has had representation in the state Senate and state House for 22 years. This has helped our town retain control over our schools, property and budgets. It was the 2017 Republican vote in the state Senate that was mainly responsible for mandating the full funding of the Rainy Day account that the governor now desperately needs.

Make no mistake, Connecticut was in dire financial straits before the pandemic with yearly billion-dollar deficits. The Rainy Day fund will quickly disappear leaving another giant budget hole and an economy in shambles.

Wilton has an excellent opportunity to regain its presence in the state Senate with an outstanding local candidate who has the deep knowledge, the right skills and strong character to face the challenges ahead.

Kim Healy is a CPA, Wilton Library Board’s treasurer, and was formerly with PWC. She has courageously stepped forward to run for the 26th state Senate seat. We need Kim to help restore fiscal responsibly and common sense in Hartford. I know that she will work hard to protect Wilton and our beautiful state during this turbulent time because she genuinely cares.

Kim needs your support now as she is being challenged on the Aug. 11 primary. Wilton voters can get Kim over the finish line but only if you vote!

Toni Boucher


Past state Senator

and State Representative