Endorsement Letters

U.S. president

John Bolton’s “The Room Where It Happened” gives an extended perspective into the workings of Trump’s mind. Trump “behaved bizarrely” with “erratic moves.” Bolton portrays him as incapable of absorbing the written word or making decisions and subject to endless vacillation only to be swayed in the end by trivial considerations, with decision after decision recounted on which Trump would repeatedly give contrary directions or no directions at all. Trump seeks to emulate dictators in all their excesses. The damage done so far is reparable. Another four years of Trump’s depredations on our democracy will be much harder to reverse.

Stephen Hudspeth

State representative

Gov. Lamont was in Wilton last week, and along with his party’s candidate for the state legislature, spoke about the need to restructure local housing practices. It seems that a state takeover of local zoning control is this year’s school regionalization. We need to ensure we have a voice in Hartford to speak against yet another blatant power grab to force one-size-fits-all solutions to local issues. Patrizia Zucaro is an attorney with years of property rights experience. She has come along at exactly the right time and will be an excellent voice for Wilton in Hartford.

Christian M. Bilella

Stephanie Thomas will be proactive on health insurance when she gets to Hartford. She already insists that insurers honor their promises and obligations to pay for COVID testing for everyone. That is good for people getting tested, and for the rest of us who understand how important it is to know if we must quarantine. She is already working to lower insurance costs for small business owners: Wilton’s town government saved $600,000 this year by joining with the state’s medical plans and Stephanie wants small businesses to have that same option. We need doers in Hartford like Stephanie Thomas.

Leslie Holmes

Wilton will have a new state legislator next year, and I believe Patrizia Zucaro is the right person to stand up to the craziness in Hartford! As an attorney who works with small businesses and individuals, she understands our local economy and the tax and regulatory issues we face. She also understands that most legislation isn’t one-size-fits-all, and can see through the language to make sound judgments. Patrizia is not interested in party ideology, only in whether a bill works for our district and the people who live here. Patrizia will be a forceful advocate for Wilton.

Kathleen Wrampe

I enthusiastically endorse Stephanie Thomas to be our state representative for the 143rd District. I know she will tirelessly work for us by advocating for measures that will protect our environment. Stephanie supports the inclusion of climate change instruction in public schools’ curriculum, legislative actions that will promote renewable and clean energy projects and incentives, and initiatives to reduce carbon emissions. She is a strong advocate for the preservation of our open spaces. Stephanie Thomas will provide us with strong representation in Hartford when it comes to critical environmental issues. Vote Stephanie Thomas in November.

Jane Rinard

State Senate

Will Haskell supports SB1107, which unfairly sanctions the demolition of historic structures that local municipalities have identified as important and does not respect the rights of the public. Bills like this, that chip away at local control, are unfortunately the new norm. There are several dangerous Democratic-proposed bills on the horizon that attack home rule and Wilton’s ability to preserve its beautiful landscape and historic character. Wilton needs someone who will protect our voice. Kim Healy is a strong believer in local control and will fight to protect the rights of Wiltonians. Rights, Will Haskell is happy to vote away.

Lisa Pojano

We need a change in leadership in Hartford that will help in my opinion in two critical areas. First, we need to drive local control of schools, to maintain Connecticut’s competitive advantage. Second, act decisively on the state debt built up over the last 2+ decades. Kim’s experience in public accounting and the fact that she has children in the school district she lives in makes her the ideal candidate to do what is needed to keep Connecticut competitive. This is your opportunity to make it happen, Vote Kim Healy for State Senator, 26th District.

Prasad Iyer

Kim Healy is the right person to represent Wilton and the 26th Senatorial District in the legislature. For too long, the legislature has been controlled by the Democrats, and it’s time for a change. Kim’s background as a CPA and auditor will provide us with an experienced check against the spend first and ask questions later attitude that often drives policy in Hartford. Kim recognizes that decisions impacting education and zoning in Wilton should be made at the local level and not by the other 168 municipalities. Kim Healy will give the 26th District the leadership and experience it deserves.

Anthony Cenatiempo