State Senate

Forced school regionalization might be a hot Republicans’ speaking point but, thanks to Will Haskell, it’s off the table in Hartford. In fact, Will Haskell was the first state senator to publicly oppose it even though it was proposed by a leader of his party. Will believes strongly in making sure students are provided the highest quality education to prepare them to succeed. He will oppose any measure designed to force schools in the 26th district to regionalize because it negatively impacts a community’s ability to plan and control education. Keep schools independent. Vote for Will Haskell.

Laurie Paulson

Will Haskell has worked hard and effectively to support our community through the COVID-19 crisis. He has helped constituents navigate unemployment claims, loan applications and financial assistance. He redistributed personal campaign resources to check on 10,000 seniors in our community. He also helped expand telehealth so that constituents can continue to access healthcare services. Will Haskell has kept his constituents aware of what was going on with COVID on multiple fronts, he had weekly conference calls , allowing Q&A along with his Facebook live alerts. Will Haskell is who we need to represent us in Hartford.

Dan Troph

Join me in electing Will Haskell and Stephanie Thomas on Nov. 3rd.

Will Haskell has proven that he listens to constituent needs, translating them into action. He stood for Wilton during the Eversource debacle, calling for reform and accountability. He is working on our broken commuter system, and has made community colleges financially accessible for all students.

Stephanie Thomas is running for state representative and brings a focus on good governance, not politics. She is a leader who has successfully run her nonprofit consulting business and will be a fresh voice with strong business background in Hartford.

Ceci Maher

I support the reelection of state Senator Will Haskell in the 26th District. Senator Haskell has been incredibly responsive to Wilton’s needs. He has helped Wilton address critical issues, whether it is supporting local business, common-sense gun regulation, transportation, or the latest information on COVID-19. Will has a rare combination of vision, smarts, an incredible capacity to connect with people of all backgrounds, and candor that gives clarity to his views. The 26th Connecticut State Senate District is lucky to have him as their representative. Reelect Will Haskell on Election Day.

Ross Tartell

I enthusiastically endorse Will Haskell for reelection to the state Senate. Will’s performance has been marked by wisdom, careful analysis, and extensive outreach to his constituents during this very difficult time. His support of smart regulation of guns led to meaningful reform. Will worked to modernize the state’s voting laws to make it easier to exercise our right to vote. He has been active in other important areas such as education, health care, transportation, and fiscal stability. He forcefully acted to hold Eversource responsible for its poor performance during last month’s storm. I urge you to vote for Senator Haskell.

Ann Miller

Please vote for Will Haskell for state Senate and Stephanie Thomas for state House so that everyone in Connecticut is guaranteed safe and secure access to the voting booth. They support no-excuse absentee ballots, and other methods to increase participation. Many of their proposals would actually save money, such as online applications for absentee ballots. Haskell and Thomas bring practical, real-world solutions to Connecticut. Vote Haskell and Thomas to ensure your right to voting safely.

Savet Constantine

I am voting for Stephanie Thomas, Will Haskell and Jim Himes.

Will Haskell listens to his constituents and brought them news from Hartford in over 70 district events. He has sponsored legislation to benefit our state and community and been a leader on issues like smart gun control. Will is not afraid to stand against party leadership to better represent his district - like on school regionalization.

Stephanie Thomas has the skills and commitment to represent the 143rd. She would be a powerful voice in Hartford.

We need to keep Jim Himes as our representative in Washington.

Vote on Nov. 3.

Deborah McFadden

Connecticut was in dire financial straits even before the pandemic with yearly billion-dollar deficits. It is facing another giant budget hole and an economy in shambles.

Kim Healy is a CPA and was formerly a PWC forensic auditor. She has stepped forward to run for the 26th state Senate seat. We need Kim to help restore fiscal responsibly in Hartford. I know that she will work hard to protect Wilton and our beautiful state during this turbulent time because she genuinely cares.

Kim Healy is the expert fiscal voice Harford now desperately needs. Please vote for her on Nov. 3!

Toni Boucher

State Representative

I’m voting for Stephanie Thomas to represent Wilton in Hartford because she is a small-business owner. She founded her successful events consultancy in New York and has worked with some of the country’s most important charitable organizations in New York, Connecticut and across the country. Let’s bring some no-nonsense business smarts to Hartford. Please join me in voting for Stephanie on Nov. 3.

Paula Casiraghi

I’ve lived in Connecticut for decades and have retired here. Now I wonder if my wife and I can stay. Taxes are everywhere — on pensions, Social Security, gifts, estates, cars, and another if we sell our house!

The ruling party in Hartford is a great advocate for public-sector unions, but not for the rest of us taxpayers. I’m tired of that!

I don’t want my state representative to be beholden to special interests. Patrizia Zucaro’s only agenda is to support our town and the people who live here. She has my vote.

Peter Wrampe

In the race for Wilton’s new state representative, I will be voting for Patrizia Zucaro. Patrizia impressed me the first time we met, because she doesn’t give knee-jerk political responses to questions about subjects like public health, the economy, or infrastructure, instead, she gives thoughtful answers that clearly show she understands the complexities of issues that are important to all of us. She doesn’t talk or think like a politician. She really cares about our towns, and I know she will stick up for Wilton, Norwalk, and Westport and fight against Hartford’s attempts to impose more one-size-fits-all mandates.

Don Drummond

Wilton voters will have a new state representative in Hartford next year, and we need to choose wisely! I just received Patrizia Zucaro’s latest email, in which she speaks strongly in support of maintaining local control on important issues like schools and zoning. Last year we came very close to losing local control of our schools, and that issue still percolates among supporters of regionalization. And now we face the threat of state-mandated zoning, whereby bureaucrats in Hartford would dramatically alter the current Wilton character, which many new residents look for and existing residents came for. These threats are real, and that’s why I will be supporting Patrizia Zucaro for state representative.

Hella McSweeney

Since coming as close to winning in the last election by 361 votes and defeating the incumbent in the 143rd State Representative race, Stephanie Thomas has been present and active in all kinds of events around the district where she has listened to voters and let them get to know her. At the same time, Stephanie has worked to get to know legislators and public servants locally and in Hartford to hear and learn about state issues. With this knowledge, friendships, and contacts she is even better prepared in 2020 to go to work in Hartford to represent our district with skill, intelligence and polish. I heartily endorse Stephanie Thomas for state representative from the 143rd District.

John Kalamarides

To meet the needs of all the citizens of Connecticut, we need experience, compassion and leadership. That is why we have the ideal candidate for the 143rd legislative district in Stephanie Thomas. One issue she will champion is affordable higher education. That has been the gateway for many people, including Stephanie and me. I grew up in public housing and went to an affordable public college. Like many my age, I was able to attend a four-year college mostly on money I earned from summer jobs and part-time work during school. I was not saddled with the burden on thousands of dollars of college debt. Today’s children deserve no less than what I had.

Robert Sabo

Stephanie Thomas has the passion and drive to make a difference in Connecticut.

As a Wilton resident, I’m concerned about our schools and so is Stephanie. She will continue to fight for local say in local matters.

Stephanie believes in strong gun laws. She is a candidate of distinction of Moms Demand Action, the nation’s largest grassroots volunteer network working to end gun violence.

I support Stephanie Thomas, and believe she is the best candidate to represent Wilton and the 143rd district in Hartford.

Pam Hickey

It hasn't gotten much attention lately, but Connecticut ranks near the bottom of all states with regard to unfunded pension liabilities. The Tax Foundation ranks Connecticut No. 47, with only Illinois, New Jersey and Kentucky in worse shape. This situation will only improve with smart, fiscal stewardship in Hartford. Patrizia Zucaro is an accomplished attorney committed to getting Connecticut back on track financially. The pandemic dealt a crushing blow to our economy, but ignoring our problems won’t make them go away. Patrizia will be a much-needed vote for fiscal sanity, which is why she'll have my vote in November.

David W. Belote