Endorsement 2021 in Wilton

To the Editor:

There are many important issues that Wilton’s local government must deal with in the next four years: some known, many unknown. Our local Wilton November 2 election is as important as last fall’s 2020 national election. We will need intelligent, experienced, skilled, dedicated, pro-active, and level-headed elected officials to manage those challenges. The Democratic ticket does that. Bas Nabulsi with his 10 years of experience on Planning and Zoning and Keith Denning with his life dedicated to service will make fine Selectmen. Sandy Arkell and Frank Bria are recognized as top-notch finance specialists for the Board of Finance. Deb Low, Pam Ely, and Nicola Davies form a triumvirate of experience, skill, level-headedness, and dedication for the Board of Education. Eric Fanwick and Ken Hoffman represent intelligence and level-headed thinking on Planning and Zoning. Jaclyn Coleman and Tom Gunther are experienced and skilled for Zoning Board of Appeals. Bo Mitchell, Ernie Ricco, and Dick Zeigler will bring dedication to the position of constable, as Bob Wallace will for Board of Assessment Appeals. They will all work hard for us. Get to meet or hear them, if you can. Vote Democratic. Vote Row A all the way.

John Kalamarides