Differing views are good, but integrity is better in Wilton

Values Matter, Truth Matters, Civility Matters.

Values, Truth and Civility matter. They all are on the ballot this year across the nation, in cities, and in towns, including Wilton.

Values: I read that one of the Republicans has likened Open Choice to the 1950’s mandatory busing of children to schools out of their home areas. Open Choice is, in fact, a program that allows students from Norwalk to attend school in Wilton if an empty space exists. Norwalk pays the entire price for the student’s education. Wilton gains diversity.

Truth: I learned about a lack of truth in a Republican’s campaign. Certain social media posts were removed because anti-mask rhetoric was espoused that could be unacceptable to most of Wilton’s parents. I strongly support the Board of Education’s decisions that safely steered us through the unknowns and uncertainties of the pandemic.

Civility: During a recent Board of Education Zoom call, a woman was heard calling a Democratic candidate “an expletive do-gooder”. She claimed it was a mistake, but it was sad and inexcusable and uncivil.

I will vote for community values, truth validated by facts, and civility in the face of differences. I will Vote Row A on November 2nd .

Brian Sudano