Wilton will enter contract with SeeClickFix

The Board of Selectmen authorized First Selectman Lynne Vanderslice to enter into a contract with SeeClickFix during its July 10 meeting in order to improve communication with residents regarding work requests and “simplify and modernize access to information and services.”

SeeClickFix is a communications platform, founded and based in New Haven, that allows citizens to report non-emergency issues and governments to track, manage and respond to them.

Vanderslice said there is currently a lot of “back-and-forth communication” when people report issues like potholes in town, and SeeClickFix would streamline the whole process.

SeeClickFix provides a simple way for people to report issues like potholes, missing street signs, graffiti and other maintenance problems, from their computers or mobile devices.

“You see a pothole, take a picture of it and when you upload it, it has the longitude and latitude,” said Vanderslice. “It’s great.”

Once an issue is uploaded to Wilton’s SeeClickFix page, Vanderslice said, it will be routed to the Department of Public Works.

Wilton residents currently send emails and make phone calls to report issues but may question if they’re being heard, said Vanderslice. SeeClickFix would provide “constant communication,” she said, by letting them know an issue has been acknowledged, when it’s scheduled to be addressed, and when it’s been resolved.

“Behind the scenes, it has reporting,” said Vanderslice. “Each time there’s an action, the system will update, and the person who reported it will get a report back.”

“This is something ... citizens have already been using,” said Vanderslice.

Wilton residents have been using SeeClickFix for at least seven years, according to the town’s SeeClickFix page, where more than 90 issues have been reported since 2010.

The oldest issue on the page, reported in January 2010, is about a missing road sign on Old Boston Road. The most recent issue, reported this past May, is about a "big pothole" at 395 Danbury Road.

Vanderslice said there are “some old [issues]” on Wilton’s SeeClickFix page, but “the new things we’ve actually cleared.”

“Once we became aware of it [SeeClickFix] and its value, we used it,” she said.

Vanderslice said she looked at other vendors, but SeeClickFix was “far superior” to the others.

“It’s not being used down in southern Fairfield County,” said Vanderslice, “and we’re getting a competitive price because we’ll be the first ones in.”

A SeeClickFix representative told The Bulletin on July 11 that “about a dozen” Connecticut municipalities have contracts with the company.