Wilton taxpayer survey goes live

Wilton taxpayers are encouraged to let the Board of Finance know how they’d like their tax dollars spent by taking the board’s recently launched town-wide survey at wiltontaxpayer.com.

The survey was put together by the board’s town survey subcommittee, which was formed after Board of Finance member Richard Creeth presented the idea of creating a town-wide survey to the finance board last year. In addition to Creeth, the subcommittee’s members include:

  • Deborah McFadden from the Board of Selectmen.

  • Deborah Low from the Board of Education.

  • Sally Poundstone from the Planning and Zoning Commission.

  • John Kelly from the Economic Development Commission.

  • David Rothstein, a Wilton resident with experience in the field of market research who volunteered to serve on the subcommittee.

Creeth said the Board of Finance understands that “everybody would like their taxes to be lower, but equally, most people realize that providing the high level of service including schools, roads and public safety costs the town a lot.”

“Hopefully,” he said, “this survey will increase our understanding of the taxpayers financial priorities.”

The survey consists of about nine to 13 questions, depending on a participant’s responses, the first of which asks survey-takers why they chose to live in Wilton, with answer options including — but not limited to — quality of schools, location, town vibe, housing affordability, and safety. There are also questions about Wilton Public School District spending, performance, and goals; as well as police patrols, traffic enforcement and overall safety in town.

The survey takes about 10 minutes or less complete and is anonymous — data will only be reported at an aggregate level.

The finance board encourages all taxpayers to complete the survey, stressing the importance of having as many people as possible — across all sections of the community — participate.

The survey will remain online for at least six weeks, or until an adequate number of responses has been received.