Wilton selectmen make budget cuts

In light of the Board of Finance’s decision to keep the town’s proposed budget to a zero-percent increase for the upcoming fiscal year, the Board of Selectmen approved $309,305 in budget cuts at its meeting on Monday, April 15.
Cuts approved by the selectmen:

  • Reductions due to known short-term vacancies: $47,000.

  • Reduction in sand purchases based on current inventory: $30,000.

  • Reduction in legal expenses: $50,000.

  • "Reduction in medical expenses: $132,305.

Cut in operating capital:

  • Postpone the purchase of a hotbox until next year: $50,000.

The finance board, which has the designated authority to cut line items in the selectmen’s budget, had called for the $309,305 cut to come from the human resources reserve fund line.
But the finance board made that cut knowing the selectmen could overturn the cut from that line and reallocate it elsewhere, which the selectmen decided to do.