Wilton selectmen give OK for sale of right-of-way

A developer has agreed to pay a substantial price to purchase a portion of a town right of way in order to build a new senior living community in Wilton.
On Monday, April 1, the Board of Selectmen approved selling 0.209 acres of a town-owned right of way adjacent to 2 Pimpewaug Road to Brightview Senior Living Development.
Brightview plans to build a senior living community on 6.91 acres at 2 and 24 Pimpewaug Road. The right of way is necessary to increase the project’s frontage on Route 7.
The agreed sales price for the right of way was $312,000 to be paid to the town at the time of purchase, followed by $10,000 per year with a CPI escalator for 20 years, secured by the property.
The $312,000 price was substantially more than the $75,000 price Brightview initially offered the town at a selectmen’s meeting on Nov. 19, 2018.
At that meeting, Steve Marker, Brightview’s development associate, offered $75,000 for the right of way, based on an appraisal prepared by B J Pape & Co.
The selectmen took the request under advisement and had the property appraised by David Ubaghs, MAI, an executive director of the valuation and advisory group of Cushman and Wakefield. Ubaghs’ appraisal assigned a value of $205,000 to the 0.209 acres.
Following that appraisal, Wilton First Selectwoman Lynne Vanderslice, town counsel, and Tom McDevitt, a member of Wilton’s real estate committee, negotiated with Brightview and got a substantially higher price than what was initially offered.
The deal also includes deed restrictions requiring the property to be developed solely by Brightview as proposed, with non-transferable development rights. Upon violation of that requirement, title to the property would revert back to the town of Wilton.
Brightview has also agreed to record on the land records a 30-year restrictive covenant ensuring the preservation of the historic property (Gregory house) located at 2 Pimpewaug Road. The town will be the beneficiary of this covenant with authority to seek enforcement.
Finally, transfer of the right of way is conditioned on Brightview obtaining all necessary approvals and permits for the proposed facility.
Brightview told the selectmen in November that it wanted to build a senior living facility comprised of three components — independent living, assisted living, and memory care. The units would be rentals.
The sale of the right of way will be scheduled for a public hearing by the selectmen at their next meeting.