Wilton's top 10 earners

Police officers are at the top of the list when it comes to the highest-paid group of municipal employees in Wilton, with four of the top 10 earners this year counting the police department as their employer.

Sandra Dennies, the town’s chief financial officer, is the highest paid member of the municipal staff with an annual salary of $145,097.

Municipal salaries made up 35% of fiscal year 2014’s expenditures budget, with total salaries equaling more than $10.6 million.

A first-year police officer makes just over $56,000, and the highest-paid patrol officer currently makes $77,574. Sergeants can earn $89,984.

In the public works department, the range of salaries runs from just over $50,000 to $62,628.

Workers in the finance department currently make anywhere from $48,252 for an administrative assistant to $95,011 for the controller.

Salaries of education sector workers are budgeted separately within the education budget and will be included in a future issue.

Base salaries do not include overtime pay or stipends.

The salaries paid to firefighters, police officers and non-union workers are current. The union positions reflect collective bargaining agreements that are current and in effect, according to Sarah Taffel, director of human relations for the town.

The Teamsters union, and clerical workers (AFSCME) are finalizing their agreements, which should be signed by the end of the month, she added.

The AFSCME contract has been ratified by the union and approved by the Board of Selectmen.

The Teamsters have a tentative agreement that must be ratified by the union and approved by the Board of Selectmen. They will be eligible for retroactive pay.

The top 10 earners are:

• Sandra Dennies - chief financial officer - $145,097

• Michael Lombardo - police chief - $132,788

• William Brennan - first selectman - $132,738

• Thomas Thurkettle - director of public works - $125,321

• Robert Crosby - deputy police chief - $123,365

• John Lynch - police captain - $120,140

• Robert Nerney - town planner - $114,534

• John Savarese - information systems director - $109,414

• Sarah Taffel - director of human resources, labor relations, and administrative services - $109,138

• Donald Wakeman - police lieutenant - $108,627.