Wilton may finish fiscal year with half-million surplus

The town of Wilton expects to finish the 2018-19 fiscal year (FY 2019) with a good deal of surplus funds in its operating budget.

Expenditures are expected to come in $558,000 lower, primarily due to savings incurred from open positions, Anne Kelly-Lenz, the town’s chief financial officer, told the selectmen at a meeting on June 17.

The selectmen voted to allocate the proposed $558,000 surplus as follows:

  • $132,000, which was previously allocated to the Board of Finance, to reduce the FY 2020 mill rate increase.

  • $200,000 for repairs to Fire Station 2.

  • $70,000 for an air compressor for the fire department, to replace one that is no longer functional.

  • $25,000 for extrication ballistic equipment to be used for rapid extrication of victims and bystanders.

  • $19,100 for fire department equipment repairs.

  • $17,000 for residential alarm management software to replace current software which is no longer functional.

  • $12,000 to provide necessary review for statute compliance and improved online access.

  • $6,000 for legal costs associated with negotiations with the state related to the Norwalk River Valley Trail (NRVT) lease.

The remainder of the funds (approximately $58,900) will go to fund the road restoration program, work that otherwise would have been bonded.

The $6,000 allocation for legal costs for the Norwalk River Valley Trail is to cover Wilton’s portion of the cost of negotiations with the state related to the Norwalk River Valley Trail lease. Those negotiations also involved the city of Norwalk, which is absorbing its own legal costs, according to First Selectwoman Lynne Vanderslice.

The town of Wilton and the city of Norwalk will be the lessees on the lease. Both were awarded a joint grant by the state to fund a significant portion of the cost of the WilWalk section of the trail from Wolfpit Road in Wilton to Grist Mill Road in Norwalk. The grant does not cover the legal fees.