Wilton maintains a steady budget

It’s business as usual for Wilton’s town budget, and that’s a good thing, according to Sandy Dennies, the town’s chief financial officer, who presented a report at the Board of Finance meeting on Tuesday, Jan. 15.

“There is nothing unusual about the status of the town at this time; we are right where we should be at this time,” Ms. Dennies said. “As we get closer to year-end we will have a better handle on our level of expenditures and if our revenues are coming in as they had been budgeted.”

The fiscal year ends June 30.

As of Jan. 3, Wiltonians continue their taxpaying diligence, with 58.34% having paid their taxes. Last year at this time, 59.06% had paid their taxes, and the final tax collection rate was approximately 99.5%.

Conveyances taxes are following a steady course, with $348,741 collected, and $400,000 budgeted. Similarly, $384,929 in building permits have been collected, with $500,000 budgeted.

Currently, $64,812,986 of total revenues have been collected, or 57.58% of the amount budgeted.