Wilton gets hint at teacher pension hit

Bearing in mind that anything can happen, the Connecticut Conference of Municipalities (CCM) released numbers on how the state budget could likely affect Wilton. The bottom line would be a net shortfall of $19,000 in the town’s budget for fiscal year 2020.
The numbers released today by First Selectwoman Lynne Vanderslice show a state ECS (Education Cost Sharing) grant in the vicinity of $460,000 — $ 460,817 in the governor’s proposed budget and $462,897 in the Appropriation Committee’s budget.
That would be offset by the state requiring Wilton to pay $462,951 in a teachers pension contribution.
“We did not budget the ECS Grant in FY2020 (nor FY2019) and we didn’t budget the teacher pension contribution in FY2020,” Vanderslice said. “If appropriation committee numbers were to stay intact, and that is a big if, there would be a net shortfall of approximately $19,000 versus the FY2020 budget. Revenues would be over budget approximately $444,000 and expenses over by $463,000.”
CCM also provided the following state contributions to Wilton for both the Appropriations Committee and governor’s budget proposals:

  • Adult education — $207.

  • LoCIP — $112,543.

  • PILOT: State-owned property — $10,271.

  • Town road aid — $316,011.

  • Grants for municipal projects — $307,058.

  • Municipal stabilization grant — $93,135.

Asked to comment on these numbers, state Rep. Gail Lavielle (R-Wilton) said, “you don’t know what’s in the budget until it’s in the budget.”
Although the teacher contribution is not in the Appropriation Committee’s budget or the Finance, Revenue and Bonding Committee’s budget, which finished its work on May 1, it is still in the governor’s proposal.
And while it may not be in any of the live bills at the moment, it is widely expected to be re-introduced to the budget at a later date. That is why CCM included its numbers for teacher pension contributions.
CCM also indicated the Finance Committee approved a one-percent tax on prepared food and meals that would be distributed to municipalities on a point-of-sale basis. These details are not available at this time, CCM said.