Wilton budget passes on minimal voter turnout

With an extremely low voter turnout, the municipal budget of $30,947,232 and school budget of $76,140,105 passed following an adjourned vote at the Clune Center on Saturday, May 11. The vote began after the Annual Town Meeting Tuesday, May 7.

The tally was 514 yes votes, 278 votes for “No, too high” and 13 votes for “No, too low.”

Despite the majority of yes votes, the budget passed because voter turnout did not reach a minimum threshold of 15%.

With 806 ballots cast, voter turnout was only 6.9%. There are 11,647 eligible voters in Wilton.

The minimum voter turnout does not apply to capital bonded projects, and all three passed.

The resolution to appropriate $220,000 for boiler replacement and oil tank removal at the Gilbert and Bennett Community Cultural Center was passed 513 to 287.

The resolution to appropriate $902,000 to replace the boiler and heating system and renovations at Comstock Community Center was passed 574 to 228.

The resolution to appropriate $1.4 million to replace boilers as well as convert them to use natural gas at Wilton High School, Cider Mill School and Middlebrook School was approved 615 to 186.