Wilton budget passes on a technicality

Although there were more "no" votes cast in the budget vote, the budget will still pass because of low voter turnout.

The results, as released by Registrars of Voters Carole Young-Kleinfeld and Tina Gardner after the adjourned vote on May 9 were:

602 — "approve;"

679 — "no too high;"

9 – "no too low."

There are 11, 278 eligible voters. Of those 1,294 cast ballots for a turnout of 11.5%.

In Wilton, the budget passes automatically if the turnout is below 15%.

All three capital bonding items passed on a straight up or down vote:

Fire station improvements: 779 "yes" — 509 "no;"

Repave Wilton High School and Middlebrook lots: 700 "yes" — 590 "no;"

HVAC Replacement at Middlebrook: 796 "yes" — 493 "no."

The combined school and education budget for fiscal year 2016 is $124.2 million; $32 million municipal budget, $80 million schools budget.

The capital projects total $990,000: $90,000 for the firehouse; $500,000 for Middlebrook's HVAC system and $400,000 for the lot repaving.