Wilton budget passes by wide margin

UPDATE: 7:40 p.m. — The registrars of voters released the final results for Wilton's budget vote.

On the budget, 892 voted yes, 395 voted no too high, 40 voted no too low.

On the capital bonding questions:

Road and Parking Lot Restoration — 1,077 yes; 239 no.

Town Hall Roof Replacement — 1,093 yes; 226 no.

School District Roof Replacement — 1,112 yes; 209 no.

Bridge Replacement Program — 1,054 yes; 262 no.

There are 12,051 eligible voters and 1,322 cast ballots for a turnout of 10.97 percent. There were also six non-elector property owners who cast votes.

Saturday — 6:42 p.m. — Just half an hour after voting ended at 6 p.m. at the Clune Center, an announcement from the town indicated that based on preliminary numbers, both the budget and the referenda passed by strong margins. Turnout was just under 11 percent. Whenever turnout is below 15 percent, the budget automatically passes, but the bonding questions must pass on the actual vote. The notice said final results will be released later this evening, and when they are, this story will be updated.

Voting at the Clune Center on Saturday followed the Annual Town Meeting and voting that took place on Tuesday, May. 7.
The budget number being voted on was $126,787,380.
There four capital bonding item questions on the ballot were:
1. $3,398,150 for road work and a parking lot restoration.
2. $350,000 for town hall roof replacement.
3. $600,000 for the school district roof replacement program.
4. $1,300,000 for bridge replacement.
The mill rate based on this budget is 28.5373, a 1.24 percent increase over last year.