Vacancies now posted

In an editorial published Feb. 18, The Bulletin suggested posting local vacancies on the town website.

Well, First Selectman Lynne Vanderslice thought that was a good idea, and so she made it a reality.

Vanderslice has been delivering on a campaign promise to increase government transparency by improving

In January, she worked with Information Systems Director John Savarese to incorporate several changes.

They grouped homepage hyperlinks by subject matter within sidebars, introduced a theme, and added a section for the current week’s public meeting schedule.

After reading The Bulletin’s Feb. 18 editorial, Vanderslice wrote on The Bulletin’s Facebook page that she’d be implementing the suggested addition.

Now, all vacancies in the town of Wilton are listed on the town website. They can be viewed by clicking “Open Positions” at the top right of homepage