Town seeks new tax assessor

A job listing for a new town tax assessor has been posted following the retirement of tax assessor David Lisowski last month.

Filling the position, however, doesn’t look like it will be an easy task, Chief Financial Officer Anne Kelly-Lenz told the Board of Finance during its Dec. 19 meeting.

“It’s a tough market. There are a lot of retirements around the state for assessors,” she said. “We’re hoping there are a lot of deputies out there that want to get to the next level.”

Lisowski’s retirement occurred in the midst of the town’s property revaluation. An outside appraiser — who happens to also be a qualified tax assessor— is helping with the revaluation, Kelly-Lenz explained.

Lisowski used the appraiser for the past eight years, said Kelly-Lenz, so he is already familiar with different properties in town.

“He knows the certain areas and different things and the nuances. He has a good insight to it,” said Kelly-Lenz, who has been working with the appraiser “most nights.”

“He comes after work and then we work until about 9, and then on Saturdays we do another eight hours. He’s actually doing everything right now — he’s pushing everything through while we’re working with [revaluation company] Vision [Government Solutions] on stuff.”

One responsibility of the tax assessor is delivering a grand list of taxable properties to town officials. The deadline to do so is Jan. 31, said Kelly-Lenz, but the town will file for an extension this year — something Lisowski had done a number of times in the past.