Town seeks Dial-A-Ride grant

The Parks and Recreation Department received permission to reapply for a $25,665 state grant for its Dial-A-Ride program during the Board of Finance’s March 17 meeting.
Dial-A-Ride provides transportation for senior citizens and disabled individuals in town and is offered year-round — excluding holidays and inclement weather.
According to Parks and Recreation Director Steve Pierce, 7,982 one-way trips were made for 180 individuals last year.
The finance board inquired about a $60,000 purchase in the department’s expenses, which Pierce said is for a replacement Dial-A-Ride van.
“We currently have three Dial-A-Ride transportation vehicles. They’re 10-passenger vans with two wheelchair positions in them and a wheelchair lift,” said Pierce.
“That’s a replacement for a van that’s at least 10 years old and has over 100,000 miles on it. By the time we get a new van, it will probably have 120,000 miles on it.”
Dial-A-Ride reservations must be made 24 hours in advance by calling 203-834-6235, ext. 1.