Town seats remain to be filled

Fresh back from summer, the Board of Selectmen in coming meetings is expected to fill vacancies for appointed positions to various boards and commissions.

There are a total of 12 seats to fill, according to the latest list, provided by Sarah Gioffre, town research assistant in the office of First Selectwoman Lynne Vanderslice.

We are currently waiting for the Democratic Town Committee to make recommendations for current openings. They expect to have them by the second week in September, so we have scheduled a Board of Selectmen meeting for Sept. 12 to conduct interviews of all potential candidates,” Gioffre said in an email.

There are:

  • Three openings on the Economic Development Commission.

  • Two vacancies on the Water Pollution Control Authority.

  • One vacancy on Inland Wetlands Commission.

  • One vacancy on the Historic District and Historic Property Commission.

  • One vacancy on the Energy Commission.

  • One vacancy on the Tree Committee.

  • One vacancy on the Deer Committee.

  • Two vacancies on the Building Inspectors Board of Appeals.

Recent Board of Selectmen appointments include Scot Fischer to the Inland Wetlands Commission, the reappointment of Ceci Maher to the Wilton Library Association as the Board of Selectmen Trustee, and Ray Tobiassen and Steve DiNapoli to the Building Inspectors Board of Appeals.